The understanding of human resources management at ETI SODA INC. focuses on practices, which support the performance with strategic goals as well as creativeness, and achieving what is different. We evaluate the qualifications of our personnel not only in terms of compatibility and performance but also with regard to self-development but more importantly, to self-actualization. Individuals, who are open to development, have high self-confidence, advanced communication skills, which are competent, efficient and have a peace of mind highly contribute both in our company and in our shareholders.

We determine our human resources policies in accordance with the understanding of flexibility for special conditions and needs; we remain in close communication with our personnel in order to constitute motivation, discipline and a peaceful working environment in line with common values shaped by our vision and mission.

We work with staff that has extensive knowledge, is open for improvement and follows technology closely in order to carry our innovative practices of solution mining, which is a first in the sector for Turkey and is among few initiatives in the world, to a global competitive level.

While we carry out training activities within ETI SODA and Ciner Group to which we are affiliated, we attribute importance to reinforcing these qualifications, as a result of which we raise the bar constantly and increase efficiency and performance by providing a happy working environment for our employees.


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