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ETİ SODA Inc. Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Food Safety Policy


  • Complying with the legal liabilities, requirements of the management system standards established in our company and the conditions of the organizations of which we are a member.


  • Contributing in the national and regional economy and increasing our market share by providing the world market with quality and environment friendly products,


  • Becoming a reliable and preferred brand by improving the quality of our products and service constantly, ensuring the continuity of our production and quality,


  • Ensuring the compatibility with food and feed safety requirements, hygiene and quality production in Sodium Bicarbonate production,


  • Meeting the customer requests on time and completely in order to maximize customer satisfaction,


  • Providing trainings for our employees and meeting their needs, contributing in their personal development, improving employee satisfaction, creating a team spirit for our employees and ensuring the fulfillment of company goals, raising consciousness of our employees with regards to quality, environment and occupational health and safety,


  • Having our suppliers adopt our management systems and contribute them in improving their product and service quality,


  • Using the resources efficiently, following technological development and innovations in our sector closely,


  • Taking measures to minimize harmful effects on human health and environment, preventing environmental pollution and climate change caused by our activities, evaluating and eliminating risks which may cause industrial diseases and accidents, reaching the ultimate sustainable goal of “Zero Environmental and Occupational Accidents” by improving the working conditions constantly,


  • Sharing our policies with our customers, suppliers, contractors, employees and the locals and ensuring an efficient cooperation and communication. The ETI SODA products used are being exported to all over the world, particularly to European Union countries.

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