The Results of the 2017 CDP Supply Chain Water Survey were Announced


The 2017 Supply Chain Water Survey, which is one of the projects, conducted by CDP Turkey since 2010 with the purpose of reducing the effects of climate change and protecting natural sources. In line with the activities it carried out and the goals it reached ETI SODA, which was one of the participants, was rated B- (Management) level, which is a good score in the water category.


Eti Soda – Supply Chain Water Score

(Score Summary: Nice result. With a strategic structure and policy, ETI SODA measures its effects on the environment and tries to reduce these effects.)


Eti Soda 2017 Supply Chain Water Score


Score Levels

 Score Levels



F: Failure to provide sufficient information to CDP to be evaluated fot this purpose


Eti Soda 2017 Supply Chain Water Score


CDP Supply Chain Water Scores 2017

 Cdp Grafik


The bar chart shows how many CDP Water responders achieved each score in 2017. The band of Eti Soda is in green.

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