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EPD – Measurable Form of Sustainability

Eti Soda added a new project among the social and environmental responsibility projects by obtaining the EDP (Environmental Product Declaration) certificate on 07.12.2017. Nowadays, the environmental details of products gain more and more importance in ensuring communication between organizations or manufacturer-consumers. With this regard, the EDP certificate constitutes a foundation for the evaluation of the environmental performances of the manufacturer and consumers. One of its most important contributions is that it supports Sustainable Production. The EDP certificate allows an environment friendly and more economic production in financial terms by ensuring the reduction of the use of resources in the production process. Eti Soda Inc. which is the number one in soda production in the world, has become the first and only soda producer of the world which holds an Environmental Production Declaration Certificate in Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate production with the purpose of reinforcing its mission of “Introducing our high quality and natural products into economy by making use of an untouched equity of our country with an environment and human oriented approach, with the consciousness of our social responsibility, with a dynamic, productive and innovative team”. The works of EDP – Environmental Product Declaration carried out by Eti Soda Inc. are prepared as per the ISO 14025 standard and ISO 14040/44 which is an LCA – Life Cycle Assessment standard, are approved by independent accredited validators and are published in The International EDP System platform which holds an international accreditation.


EPD Certificate

  • Economically: Improving Performance in Production, Risk Analysis, Sustainable Investments and Efficiency Increase,
  • Environmentally: Sustainable Production, Efficient Supply Chain, Reduction of the Emission of Greenhouse Gases, Reducing the Environmental Effects and Global Warming,
  • Socially: Effective Decision Making Processes, Advertisement and Marketing, Improvement of Planning and Business, Brand Strategy.



2017 -2018 Eti Soda Sustainability Report

Sustainable Production


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The EDP international accreditation scientifically assesses the carbon foot print, ozone depleting potential, eutrophication potential and effects on the health of the living throughout the life cycle of the product.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is a method of assessment where the environmental effects of a product, service or process can be calculated, measured, reported starting from the extraction of the raw material to the processing, production, usage, end of life and disposal and which provides information on the efficiency of resources and waste material formation in accordance with the ISO 14040/44 standards.


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Eti Soda Sodium Salts; Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate EPD report can be reached through the following link:


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